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" I shoot first then ask questions later, so come on lets play."

a character in “Silhouette Institution: Revival”, as played by GrimBones66

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✖ Full Name ✖: Jessie Alexandra Morgan

✖ Nicknames ✖: Jess||Jay||Alex||Alexa

✖ Age ✖: 17

✖ Gender ✖: Female

✖ Romantic Interest ✖: None AT The Moment.

✖ Sexuality ✖: Omnisexual

✖ Nationality ✖: 3/4 Puerto Rican || 1/4 Native American

✖ Face Claim ✖: Michelle Rodriguez


✖ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ✖:
Body Type || Jessie's height intimidates a lot of people with one glance at her. She is about 6'0 and people sometimes mistake her for a model, not just for her height. Jun is mostly always being stared at when walking by, by both genders. She has a rather sexy looking body as other people would say and beautiful plump thighs. Her curves look amazing on her and her bust is nowhere from small. Jessie's appearance are both attractive yet mature. People would say that Jessie's beautiful looking features and smooth hands shouldn't be used for fighting but that never stopped her. Her skin is sun kissed and smooth with only a couple of scars on her body most which aren't visible. Jess only weight's 130Lbs and has a strong body despite its looks. Jess Also has long dark brown hair that reaches just right around her mid back and falls into messy yet attractive curls at the tips.

Clothing Preference || Jun usually doesn't stick to one outfit. She likes to wear comfortable easy to move in clothes. She can be seen wearing a lot of tank tops and low cut, long sleeve shirts that are usually easy to move in. She loves to wear boots and converses along with vintage sun glasses. You can usually see Jess wear blue ripped jeans that are skin tight yet easy to move in with black combat looking boots or converses with a white spaghetti strap and or a black, white, grey, tank-top on. She also wears a leather bracelet with wolves carved into it and a jade leather necklace with black finger-less gloves. All in All her dressing style is a mix of biker and bad ass.

Hair Color: A dark brown but as you go down towards the tip it gets lighter.

Eye Color: Hazel with specs of brown and green.

✖ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ✖:

Piercings || Right ear|| Two Lobe piercings that have two silver studs in them and a cartilage piercing.
Left ear|| Only two lobe piercings with black studs in them.
Tongue|| Jess has her tongue pierced and the stud is decorated with the Puerto Rican flag on it.

Tattoos || Two wolf prints|| On her hips on either side.
Compass with a feather|| On her left forearm.

Birthmark || A dark brown mark in the shape of an X on the back of her neck.

Scars || Across the bridge of her nose Jess has a light colored two inched scar.
She has scrapes and small scars across her knuckles.
Also she has a three inch scar on her collar bone.

✖ Use A Weapon? ✖: Jess can make various weapons from her bones but she rather use a staff made from her bone which she is skillful at using.


✖ Powers ✖:

Bone Manipulation
  • Jessie has complete control over her bones. She can Grow and sharpen them and control their density and weight.
  • She can separate her bones and regrow her bones which is a painful process, and hurts when they come out from her skin, but surprisingly the wound dose not bleed much before it seals itself up.
  • Jessie can also make shields and armor out of her bone.
But she cannot..
  • Control other people's bones
  • can't make the experience less painful.

✖ Skills ✖:
  • Very skilled in using a staff of any kind.
  • heightened smell.
  • Quick reflexes.
  • Pretty strong with out powers.
  • Very skilled in hand to hand combat.
  • Real good at fixing things like cars, motorcycles ect.

✖ Personality ✖: Jess is usually calm about things but she is easily angered and won't hesitate to sock a stranger in the face. Jess is a laid back independent girl. Her attitude is what people would like to described as nasty, and unattractive. She doesn't care much of what people may think about her and tends to be sharp tongued and sarcastic. She is Loyal to her friends and is somewhat very strong-willed, when people get to know her better they see that she isn't such a bad person. She's kind and caring but can turn into an ass in only a few seconds, yeah she got's her flaws but who doesn't?

☢ Likes ☢:

  • Spicy and Sour things
  • Bubble tea/Tapioca Smoothie ( A tea based drink that is just like a smoothie but with Tapioca pearls in it)
  • Naps
  • Her Motorcycle
  • Rainy days
  • Star Gazing
  • Fighting
  • Sports
  • Jokes
  • Video Games
☢ Dislikes ☢:
  • Thunder
  • Sweet things
  • Annoying people
  • Cold
  • Serious people
  • Bright Lights
  • Morning
  • Crowds
  • Politics
  • Hospitals
☢ Flaws ☢:
  • Smart-Ass|| Jess can be a real smart ass at times which gets her in trouble a lot.
  • Blunt|| Jess has the habit of telling things as she see's them and if that person doesn't like it well she can care less.
  • Heavy Sleeper|| Just as it sounds, Jess can sleep through almost anything.
  • Panic Attacks|| Sometimes when Jess gets too stress or mad she has panic attacks.
☢ Fears☢:
  • Needles
  • Clowns
  • Realistic looking dolls
  • Small,Crowded places
  • Insects
  • Being buried alive
  • Losing control.
☢Secrets ☢:
  • She's a sucker for cute things.
  • Will go to a beach or Lake but will not enter the water for anything, unless she is doing one of her reckless actions to save someone.
  • Thunder storms.


☢Bio ☢: Jessie was raised with her sister Sam by her mother Maggie. Jessie never knew her father, her mother always told her that he was a rolling stone. All she knew about him was that he belonged to a biker gang her mother was in and that he never stayed in one place for long. Jessie discovered her powers at the age of 6. She was in a fight with bullies, they were three boys around the same age as her picking on a girl. Jessie stood up for the girl and fought them off but broke her arm in the process. That night when she came home from the hospital with her cast her arm began to hurt real bad as she laid in bed. She passed out from the pain but the next morning when she woke up her arm was all fixed.

After discovering this power Jessie began to experiment. She would spend all day locked in her room breaking her fingers and going through the whole pain process until it healed itself. She build up a pain tolerance for it before she began to break bigger things. After that she noticed that she can move her bones at will so one day she willed the bones from her fingers to shoot out the tips of her fingers and hit the wall stabbing them like knives. The wound closed up with only a little bit of blood. Not to long after that did Jessie start to get into more and more trouble in school soon becoming a delinquent.

At the age of 10 Jessie was already breaking kids noses in violent fights and skipping class. Her sister Sam was the good girl of the family, well she seemed to be. She didn't give the same trouble that Jessie did to her mother. At the age of 12 Jessie's mother became sick and died, as a result Jessie and her sister was sent to a foster home. by the age of 15 Jessie was long separated from her sister and have been to 33 foster homes. People never seemed to control her so she was hoping from foster home to foster home until she was one day invited to the academy. She jumped at the chance not wanting to deal with another annoying foster parent.
☢ Other ☢:[/font]

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